CWB Seven hinge bindings LG/ XLG



US 9-12
UK 8-11

The CWB Seven Wakeboard Bindings are super comfortable and light weight and fantastic for riders looking to take their riding to the next level.

CWB’s patented hinge technology locks your heel down, giving you ultimate control. The hinge tech also makes entry and exit easier than any other boot.

Add EVA footbeds and replaceable lace adjutsers for custom fit, and you’ve got a fantastic boot in the CWB Seven Wakeboard Bindings.

With just a flip of the hinge, the Heel Lock Hinge literally cups your heel in a way no other bindings can.

Complete with lace adjustments, a 2 piece orthotics footbed, and an EVA absorption heel give you plenty of adjustability, support, and comfort for a day on the water.


Equipped with CWB's low profile and lightweight Gen6 Plate / 6 inch hole inserts.

2-piece orthotics footbed complete with dual lace adjustments allowing you to control the upper and lower tension and fit.

Liner and Lacing:
Lace Adjustments for precise adjustment and allowing you to put put your boots on and off and ease.

EVA heel absorption pad, because heel bruises are not cool!

Dual gorilla grip strap for on and off with ease.

Rating 2 (1 Soft – 10 Stiff) complete with Heel Lock Hinge. Flip the hinge for a forward lean, backward lean, or centered heel hold. Zero heel lift, total mobility.