Fanatic AllWave HRS


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WAVE ALLROUND The name say’s it all! The AllWave range will give you a blast wherever you decide to take it. Available in seven sizes – from the snappy 7’11” to the oaty 9’8” – we guarantee unbeatable fun in all types of waves. It’s easy-peasy sur ng action with surprisingly radical performance attributes. The 2016 AllWave range is built on the success of the three, new smaller models we introduced in 2015. The wider, thinner and more compact shapes provide an easy yet highly responsive ride. Thinner rails and less volume deliver a grippy carve, while tight arcs and supreme slashing abilities are supported by the wide, compact outline and the snappy squash tail. The fast rocker line and stable stance offers straightforward wave catching characteristics and good speed, leaving you to focus 100 % on the wave. The four new larger sizes follow these design attributes, but feature a different rocker / bottom combination to please the heavier rider and offer the easiest possible entry into the waves. These models smoothly increase in length and volume per size, with minimal additional width. The result is smooth waveriding and ow all the way up to the 9’8”. Whether conditions are choppy, small and testing or true overhead perfection, the AllWave is the ultimate tool for your enjoyment, ease and progression. We offer the AllWave in our lightweight and high performance LTD construction, coming with a ve box Quad and Thruster option across the range for maximum adaptability. It is also available in our impact resistant and top value HRS construction, with ve boxes in the smaller sizes and a Thruster setup in the larger sizes. All boards are equipped with a mastfoot insert for windsur ng option.