Second Hand
Fanatic Stubby LTD 2018 8'10

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As new condition with only 1 scratch at the front, used for magazine testing.
Length- 8'10"
Width- 30.5"
Volume- 135L

-Straighter, more parallel outline for a cleaner waterline and reduced drag
-Short and wide ›Stubby-Nose, for maximum stability, reduced swing weight, fast change of direction and easy recovery
-Winger swallow tail for ultimate turning response, grip and control
-Pulled down thin performance rails for maximum carving
-Hard release edges in the tail for direct acceleration and a light feel
-Soft rails in the nose for smooth surfing
-Lightly domed deck for maximum stability, blending seamlessly into the thin rails
-Single concave entry, transitioning into a single / double concave mid section into a V / double concave through to the tail providing drive and super fast reactions off the tail
-Quad / Thruster fin setup option with 5 multi boxes
-Mastfoot insert for windsurfing option