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Naish 2017 Quest All Rounder - 10ft8 x 30 at 164ltrs

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All-around Widebody

The quest board is new for this year offering a more affordable and durable option to go for if you have several family members using the one board, great shape and graphics make this a popular model for the all round paddler or family board.

Here is what Naish have to say about the board....

Great for all-around cruising, touring, learning the basics and riding small waves, the Quest 9’8” features an extra wide outline throughout the nose, midsection and tail providing incredible stability.
Especially durable and lightweight for it’s volume, the Quest 9’8” features a quad-concave bottom—which channels the water from nose to tail—delivering unbelievable straight-line gliding for a board of this length.
The contoured deck, full rails and squared tail create a huge sweet spot and heighten stability whether the rider is paddling in a straight line, pivoting or standing still. This well-balanced, easy-riding board is a great choice for families, newer paddlers and anyone looking for something sturdy, yet maneuverable.

2017 Naish Quest 9'6" All-around Wave SUP Board from Naish International on Vimeo.