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NeilPryde WIZARD C2 red: Clearance - red 5.4m

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The Wizard is the most accomplished freestyle sail there is, delivering explosive acceleration, direct drive and insane lift. This sail planes instantly and de-powers on-demand providing silky smooth handling. Early planing, stability and a balanced feel are the key requirements for a freestyle sail and the Wizard has it all. Plenty of air and more pop than ever.

Four battens on all sizes: Keep the sail weight to a minimum for optimum performance.
Wide Tetoron luff-panel combined with a narrow sleeve allows the sail to transition from neutral to maximum lift in the shortest time.
Rider focused shaping and high leech tension makes Wizard extremely fast planing yet easy to control in maneuvers.
Center-oriented profile makes for the best combination of low-end power and control.
High aspect ratio reduces boom lengths allowing fast pivoting rotation.