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The new Fly is a specialized, down-the-line wave riding sail. The three-batten design makes for the lightest, most neutral sail in our range. It totally de-powers on the wave, allowing you to fully focus on surfing. The new construction and compact design significantly increase sail control in gusty conditions. Pure surf.


-Forceline panel incorporates both clew and tack radial construction into one laminated panel.
-Reduced distance between the clew and the cross batten distributes the load very evenly and prevents the draft to move back as well as keeping the sail stable.
-Shorter luff with a compact outline: Distance between the battens on the leech is reduced and the crossing batten is even closer to the clew improving handling of the sail.
-Mini flat leech rod battens for optimum support and smooth finish.
-Cross batten construction allows all three battens to provide the critical leech support while the bottom batten shaping is kept low and forward below the boom area.