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NSP 9'2 Cocomat Allrounder

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NSP Cocomat Allrounder 9'2" x 29 1/2'' x 4 1/8'' 126 Litres

The 9'2 is designed as a forgiving but high performance board. The width in the nose area combined with a nicely rolled deck and mid rail allows this board to be stable in bumpy conditions but very responsive on the wave. It has an even foil complimented by the reduced area of the round tail, allowing the board to be loose when driven through on rail paddle turns and hold in to steeper parts of the wave. The Quad fin set up works perfectly with this design.The single to double concave creates speed while the vee allows control. It is the perfect second or third board for the experienced SUP paddler or suited perfectly to the experienced surfer adding SUP to his repertoire. Produced in the revolutionary Coco Mat construction, the NSP 9’2” Coco mat SUP is one of the lightest, strongest, and most responsive boards on the market.