Ronix Viva 140


Was: £329.00


The Viva took Ronix back to their roots of board design - a hard rail, sharp bevel and increased sidecut for riders that don't have a lot of extra time. A board you gain confidence with as you get on the gas. Chad's quick blended rocker combines the speed needed to make any wake transfer seem effortless, with more kick than a traditional continuous rocker. Since winning the WWA World Championship in 1999, Chad Sharpe has been synonymous with coming out of a turn with his tires-squealing, hard-charging signature style. His approach earned him the biggest air ever recorded at the annual Parks double up contest. Carrying more angle into the wake, and landing further out in the flats with a sharp 45 degree rail from end to end creating more effective edge with the water. A rockerline that mimics the natural transition of the wake, carrying more speed up the kicker, a sidecut that has more contact points in the water, and fin placements that allow the board to react as quickly as any rider can control it. Ronix went to a 1/2" wider belly with a similar tip/tail width vs. their previous boards - the additional sidecut just adds to the speedy vortex of Shangri-La Chad was looking for. Effortless high speed carves and a fast/explosive hybrid rockerline - a board you never have to worry about keeping up with. Sku 83868 DD


Sharp center rail creates super quick edge transfer and line into the wake
More reliable in choppier water conditions
Shallower exit channels- help relieve the pressure with the water
Thin profile reduces swing weight

Recommended for riders 175lbs +
4 Detachable Fiberglass 1.0" Ramp Fins