Starboard Converse 9ft 2016 - 16' AST ELE £1175


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Converse 9' x 30"

The Converse is agile and delivers solid performance in a huge range of conditions. It's a great board for most average weight riders who have started out with longer boards like the 10'5" Drive and are seeking a shorter shape.

In recent years refinements to the shape (particularly rails and tail) have brought performance closer to the "Pro" range, offering the ability for super-tight turns and a nimble feel on the wave face.

Converse PLUS 9'5" x 30"

New model offering smooth, performance riding in a wide range of surf conditions. The extra glide offered over the 9'0" version enables the rider to pick up swell earlier and while definitely a riding-focused shape, also provides a little crossover ability for cruising.

We have this model on demo, with many riders finding it works well a partner to their smaller sub-8'5" SUP shapes. Also the perfect first-time sub-10' shape for light to medium weight riders.