Starboard Drive 10ft 5 2016 - 16' AST ELE £1229

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2016 Starboard Drive 10'5'' x 30 160ltr

� 10'5" is the shortest all round shape, designed for
greater maneuverability and reactivity on the wave.
� 30" width is stable for lighter riders up to 90kg
wanting a board that does it all.
� Narrower width increases speed and tracking
due to holding the paddle straighter to the board.
� Available in Blue Carbon, Wood, AST Electric, Starshot,
and Inflatable Technologies.
� AST Electric has windsurf option.
Bottom shape: "Mono-concave to double to V"
� Mono-concave in the nose creates lift and directs water
into mid-section double concave for speed and acceleration.
� Rail-to-rail turning from mid-point of the board.
� Tail V increases maneuverability for smooth and tight cutbacks.