Tushingham 100 Mast - 400 RDM

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Reduced diameter masts are often the first choice for wave and hardcore sailors. Their narrow diameter and thicker walled configuration makes them inherently stronger than an equivalent standard diameter mast.
The CARBON 100 RD mastss 100% carbon fibre a natural silk carbon finish. The narrower diameter of the lower part of the mast has a significant effect on how it will match the sail's luff curve. We've made a corresponding adjustment to the mast's bend curve, in order to achieve a perfect fit with conventionally cut sails.
The CARBON 100 SD masts are the same light weight construction with a biased more towards sailors looking for the ultimate racing performance to match their X15's!
For 2015 we have added a reinforced kevlar layer around the boom clamp area to increase durability and protect against damage through over tightening the boom. We have also colour coded the stickers and placed them on both sections of the mast for easier identification when rigging.

The CARBON 100 is recommended for hard use in all disciplines: