HQ Symphony Beach R2F Kite - 1.3m

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The Symphony Beach Offers excellent flying performance, easy handling and tons of fun the Symphony Beach kite has been designed for beginners and offers excellent value for money. The Symphony is very stable to and delivers remarkable speed and pull for the size, for a relaxing and fun kite flying session that will keep any pilot entertained for hours. A perfect choice for a first stunt kite for a child or for an adult who wants a relaxing flight with fun being the main objective. A great kite for holidays and days out, due to its small and portable size you can take it anywhere with you. Supplied in a really neat carry bag and complete with lines on winder and wrist straps.

Width: 130cm
Height: 57cm
Sail: Ripstop-Nylon
Line: Polyester 25kp/55lb, 2 x 25m/80ft
Wind (Bft.): 2-6 (10-49 km/h 7-31 mph)
Age: +8

Width: 165cm
Height: 64cm
Sail: Ripstop-Nylon
Line: Blendline 70kp/150lb, 2 x 25m/80ft
Wind (Bft.): 2-6 (8-49km/h 5-31mph)
Age: +12