Devon Cornwall Beach Guide:

Bigbury on Sea

Bigbury on Sea Arguably the best south coast wave spot on it's day , works in a range of conditions and tides , conditions you can expect in each wind direction: South wind: pretty much bang on shore OK for Kitesurfing at mid to low but not much fun for anything else, most people will be sailing at Mothecombe on the high tide if it's Southerly. South West: Cross on shore wind starboard tack jumping can be sailed most tides but best mid tide, generally if it's 5.0m sail you can expect a mast high breaking swell outside. The further you sail down wind the more chunky the waves become, but too close to Burgh Island and the wind can be gusty. It's a very rewarding place to sail where you can gybe on a large wave and ride it back side all the way back to the beach from 500m out quite easily. West Wind: Similar to above but more cross shore often good at high tide for jumping on the inside, waves tend to be a little smaller. It also can be great easy sailing further down wind if the swell is smaller to as the wind is cleaner, one of the best directions. NW wind: Can be sailable if windy enough in between the Island either side at high or West if tide is lower. The wind tends to be gusty on the Bantham side but it can create great down the line stuff on it's day but generally its better easier sailing further down the coast at Thurlestone (South Milton) in this direction. N wind: Don't bother. NE Wind: Generally it really funnels down the river Avon creating a stronger thermal wind in the summer (and a cold one in winter), more often it's flat with a small bump which brings out all the freeride sailors for a blast across the bay. Best on the incoming tide as strong outgoing tide will sometimes be tricky getting up wind in. Great fun in the Summer you can blast all down the coast to Bolt Tail (Hope Cove) but make sure you stay up wind! When we get a swell on this direction it's the best spot around where you can put 8-10 bottom turns in if you can get on the wave (offshore ish). East Wind: Similar to NE but a bit easier to get on the waves if they turn up, not so good for coast running though, also has less funneling to the wind but it often swings more NE. SE wind: Pretty on shore Port tack jumping can be tricky getting off the beach if the tide is high sometimes it's easier to launch between the island on the direction. Overall Bigbury is the most popular wave spot around South Devon but rarely gets crowded (except with surfers). Be careful and speak to locals if your unsure it's always a lot bigger when you get out in the waves! Strong rip in rivermouth on outgoing tides.