Surfing in South Devon

Having spent plenty of years floating about in the ocean our selves we're pretty good a giving excellent advice on your first second or third board. At Reactive we specialise in clearance surfboards, we simply buy great boards and sell them cheap. Beginner and intermediate boards don't change every year , so most people don't need to get the latest greatest new model as soon as it comes out. So at Reactive we've always got a good range of board from Kids foamies first time boards to 9ft long boards and everything in between. Pop in and have a chat or browse through our current clearance boards, (alway changing and up to date 99% of the time).


 Surfing is one of humans greatest pastimes, weather you're being washed in on your first bodyboard wave or getting barrelled above a shallow reef you'll always remember your best waves like they were yesterday. Life is what you make it, make sure you catch some waves during it.