Wakeboarding in the SouthWest Devon and Cornwall

Wakeboarding has been around for quite a while now and has evolved into an awesome way to glide across the water. 

Wakeboarding is super addictive as you can push it as far as you like whether its your first 50m ride behind the boat with your buddies screaming at you for the boat or landing your first invert, Wakeboarding has plenty of things to learn and experience. 

Simply being out in the boat on a sunny day with your mates is enjoyable enough. At Reactive we've been Wakeboarding for may years and have been teaching since '05 we've taught kids as young as 6 and upwards, hundreds of people have learnt how to Wakeboard with Reactive over the years. Our shop backs onto water and we can ride on the generally flat River Plym within 2mins when the tide is in.

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