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Windsurfing in the SouthWest Devon and Cornwall with Reactive

Windsurfing has changed over the 40 or so years it's been around, it's not wobbling around on big board falling off every two seconds. These days learning has never been so easy, now boards are super stable light and fast to sail. At Reactive we've been teaching since day one in '96, before then Dave Ewer was busy teaching for other centres in the UK and abroad. We've got huge experience with most watersports but windsurfing has always been our number 1 passion.Reactive has organised many windsurfing events over the years, National Wavesailing competions, Race and Slalom events as well as big windsurfing Demo weekends every year since our start in '96, to this day we still run various Technique clinics thoughout the year. We're a RYA Advanced Planning centre, quite simply we can teach you to windsurf from scratch to Looping and beyond. Some of the things now possible on your windsurfing board! 

Windsurfing 2013 - People Are Awesome - Best Of Action (Full HD 1080p) from Windsurf TV NL on Vimeo.

Windsurfing can be simply easy and safe or you can push the limits! Wave action from PWA world windsurfing. Or breaking speed records in high wind flat water speed venues. Give us a call if we can help you move forward with your windsurfing career, or introduce you to our religion.