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6’0 Allround Comp One-XT Leash

Officially the worlds strongest surf leash; Ocean & Earth's One Piece XT construction is the latest innovation in the pursuit for the best possible blend of strength and function. 

In 2010 O&E dropped the first One Piece leash which set new standards for durability and strength this has now been improved again with a new production method and a unique urethane formula for the cord. This new One-XT has improved stretch and memory retention.

40% stronger, 40% more stretch, no joins and no weak points.

The One-XT All Round/Comp One Piece leash has a 6mm urethane cord, stainless steel swivels, neoprene padded ankle cuff and a webbing rail saver.

6’0 Allround Comp One-XT Leash