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Cortez Woodcraft Fish Surfboard

Length: 6’ 6” Width: 21 1/2 Thickness: 2 3/4 Volume: 45.18L

Length: 6’ 9” Width: 21 1/2 Thickness: 2 3/4 Volume: 46.72L

The Cortez Fish surfboard is back in this amazing Woodcraft finish. Its the same traditional lightweight, extra tough epoxy construction but now with this stunning wood finish.

The Cortez Epoxy construction Fish surfboard has become one of Boardshop's best surfboards, whether it's a first "proper" surfboard, a first foray into the beginners market for an beginner/intermediate youth or adult, or as a great value board for everyday surfing. 

Width and volume create a stable platform, making the "pop" to your feet much easier to negotiate and thereby speeding up that all important transition from prone to standing the key to progressing quickly. Wave catching and paddling is a given with this board which is key in todays crowded line