Aztron Lynx 8'0“


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LYNX 8'0" is a do-it-all surfboard with a traditional longboard shape with a modern twist, this high-performance board excels in every kinds of wave. Regardless of your skill levels, this versatile surfboard is so easy to adopt. A slightly full outline was added to the traditional shape to make the LYNX a little more compact than similar surfboard. The single concave bottom with a slight V off tail optimized the speed and power.

The low entry V tail also makes the board so forgiving and maneuverable, even for first steps. The advanced Carbon Inlay Technology combining the best elements of lightness, flex and feel in a stiff and durable construction. With plenty of surface area and profile it's a fantastic all condition surf board.

-Reliable longboard shape that adapts to any wave conditions
-CNC cut PU core for durability
-Carbon Inlay Tech adds strength and drive with minimal weight and encourages flexibility
-Fiberglass epoxy resin
-Full length of wooden stringer
-Full outline with flat nose
-Generous surface area designed to glide effortlessly and efficient into waves
-Square tail gives the board plenty of speed and drive down the line
-10" nylon US fin