Aztron Nova: A Compact SUP. Double chamber


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The NOVA 10'0" Compact SUP promises a thrilling journey with its brand new concept. Transforming the typical SUP to less than half of its traditional size without compromising performance. With a LITE version of Aztron's signature Double Chamber technology, the NOVA 10'0" is jsut as up-to-par with any other all-round SUP, being absolutely more rigid yet remains lightweight for easy transport.

A unique 5-inch push-in fin system is introduced with NOVA. The twin fin system cuts through water with excellent speed and guarantees tracking. Compact, Lightweight, Chic design encompass what an Aztron NOVA all-round SUP is all about.

Key features:
The Compact Double Chamber LITE Construction:
Applies on the entry-level NOVA air SUP model. Thanks to the isolated small inner chamber, a 20-30% (60L) of the flotation is guaranteed which offers extra safety aids for any emergency. Placed at the standing area of the deck and build with extra air pillars, the Compact Double Chamber increases the overall stiffness by at least 15%.

Double Valves:
All Aztron's air SUPs are equipped with a customized high pressure valve specially designed for our Double Chamber SUPs. With a smaller diameter than the regular valve, the Aztron valve prevents the damages caused by over inflation.

5 Inch Nylon Fin:
A unique 5-inch all-round twin fin system is applied to the NOVA model. Made of premium reinforced nylon. Smart push-in design engineered by Aztron.

Intelligent Compact Concept:
The intelligent folding concept combined with the Aztron Double Chamber LITE tech, makes the NOVA package almost half of the traditional air SUP one. Pack Light and Paddle safe!