Aztron Orion Surf 8'6"x 29"



The ORION 8'6" air surf SUP is a great all-rounder and is able to handle all sorts of wave conditions. It is built around a high-performance, yet traditional surf board shape that excels in most conditions from small to large waves. The 4.75" (12cm) thickness and curvy outline makes the ORION more manoeuvrable than most inflatable surfboards and is the key to its unique do it all abilities. Comes as a complete package.

The signature Aztron Double Double construction, curved front rocker, tri-fin system and the most advanced digital printing graphic technique completes one of the most impressive surfboards in the range. It also offers a great paddling experience for lighter paddlers.

Key features:
Double Chamber Construction:
"Incredibly Safe". The Double Chamber Construction is a signature technology of Aztron and it applies on all the air boards. The second air chamber offers at least 100 liters of safety buoyancy which ensures rider safety effectively. The additional inner chamber with extra air pillars and sidewalls placed in the standing area and gives the board 30% more stiffness. With the double chamber structure, it makes the rider feel like paddling on a hard board.

Double Layer Fusion Technology:
"Extra Stiff and Ultra Light". Aztron Double Layer Fusion technology is the premium material technology that applies on all the Touring and Specialty air boards. Featuring a top and bottom second PVC fusion layers which are directly heat laminated onto the core layer and around the drop-stitch material, the Fusion Tech offers innovative less glue fusion construction. The advantage of the Double Layer Fusion Technology is: • 25% lighter than the traditional Double Layer Technology • 30% stiffer than regular single layer air boards • Less glue and more environmental friendly.

Integrated Footpad:
5mm thick square groove EVA deck pad on the tail for maximum grip during those high performance carves on the wave face. The kick tail on the deck pad helps the rider maximize the full performance of each turn and increase reactivity.