Aztron Sirius Whitewater & Surf 9'6


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This year we have introduced Double Chambered iSUP's, being 30% Stiffer than your single chambered iSUP and at least 32" wide you will feel more stable and confident to paddle further than ever before. Double-Chambered technology also increases safety, so if you pop the outside layer of your Aztron iSUP then you will still have enough Buoyancy to paddle back home. The position of the valves means you can quickly pump them up in 5 minutes with the two way switch pump, which is provided as part of the Aztron package, as well as the leash, paddle, fin and bag all included. The finish quality is such a high standard you can place them side by side with the top brands and they fit right in, but for more than half the price!

Aztron Information:
The SIRIUS is the innovative 2-in-1 SUP for white water or wave. Designed to perform in up to Class II white river or small to medium sized waves, it is exceedingly forgiving and easy to ride. Thanks to the 36" wide outline, it's a great board for riding in the rapids and also works extremely well in waves. The Double Rocker line generates lots of power in waves and rivers, but also gives a stable and reactive performance.

Built using our Double Double Construction, the manufacturing process is the toughest among our range. The board is almost impervious to all the challenging conditions. Tons of great features can also be found in this neat board, 4+1 multiple handles, deep grooved EVA footpad, tail kick pad and extra D-rings all ensure an exciting but safe ride.


"Incredibly Safe". The Double Chamber Construction is a signature technology of Aztron and it applies on all the air boards products. The second air chamber offers at least 100 liters of safety buoyancy which ensures rider safety effectively. The additional inner chamber with extra air pillars and sidewalls placed in the standing area and gives the board 30% more stiffness. With the double chamber structure, it makes the rider feel like paddling on a hard board.

"Extra Stiff and Ultra Light". Aztron Double Layer Fusion technology is the premium material technology that applies on all the Touring and Specialty air boards. Featuring a top and bottom second PVC fusion layers which are directly heat laminated onto the core layer and around the drop-stitch material, the Fusion Tech offers innovative less glue fusion construction. The advantage of the Double Layer Fusion Technology is:
• 25% lighter than the traditional Double Layer Technology
• 30% stiffer than regular single layer air boards
• Less glue and more environmental friendly

The full rocker curve (7"/18cm) from tip-to-tail and combines with a 9'6" platform makes Sirius punchy in whitewater and really playful for surf on the fly. The full rocker design makes Sirius incredibly responsive regardless of where the rider stands on the board. The high-rocker system combined with kick-pad increase rideability and stability in choppy and wave condition.

∙ Extra wide shape for superior stability and manoeuvrability in wave, stream or white water
∙ Double Chamber construction for safety and extra stiffness
∙ Double Layer Fusion technology on drop-stitch fabric reduces weight by 25% and increase the stiffness of 30%
∙ Full deck printing with "transform +wave pattern" graphic and rail graphic for optimum visual impact
∙ 5mm diamond grooving EVA footpad for ultimate grip and extra comfort
∙ Tail kick pad enables precise foot positioning for greater control in the surf and buoy turning
∙ Premium quality towing D-rings, safety leash ring and D-ring on the back
∙ Integrated front bungee system for easy gear access
∙ Multiple carrying handles for safety and easy transporting
∙ Quad Fin system design for great tracking, quick turning and shallow water
∙ Ready-to-Go Accessory Pack: including SUP gear backpack, Aztron double action pump, safety leash and STYLE aluminium adjustable paddle

Length: 9'6"
Width: 36"
Thickness: 6"
Volume: 315L
Rec Rider Weight: 120Kgs
Max Payload: 140KG
Board Weight: 12KG