Beginner's guide to Windsurfing: Tutorial

If you are interested in giving it ago yourself weather that is on your inflatable SUP or a beginner windsurf board you can check out the videos below for all the information you will need to get you up and going on the water. If you are looking at fast tracking the learning with a course you can follow the links below and take part in the RYA course, getting coaching will massively help with progression and will save you having to buy beginner kit and get you down onto more exciting equipment.
The RYA run windsurfing classes for all levels so if you have a blast on the beginner course you can look into doing the next level. Although there are no RYA courses in Plymouth there is plenty around the UK and they range from 2 day or 5 day courses. One of the most established centres in the UK for teaching windsurfing is just in Weymouth.
You can also make a holiday out of it and gain high-quality instruction in warmer waters by going on an activity holiday with companies like Neilson and Club Vass.
We can offer more advanced lessons from our experienced team but you must have your own kit and be able to self-rescue.
If you want to get out and to know the best place for your ability on the day or weekend ahead just get in touch.

Adult courses:

Youth courses:

Neilson activity holidays:

Club Vass:

2: This is Jem Halls's Complete Beginners Section from his highly acclaimed coaching movie 'Beginner to Winner.' Enjoy and spread the love of our great sport.

3: Beginners guide to Windsurfing
How to windsurf. A beginner's guide. Simple and easy instruction.