Bic 6'7 Shortboard - Without leash

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Brand new cosmetic second shortboard, this is a brilliant first time short board, in Bic's tough construction you won't need a bag and won't have to worry about taking a knock.
These boards are reduced because they are cosmetic seconds which means they have minor faults. These faults are usually with the graphics or have a slight left over glue residue on the boards which comes off or maybe a slight knock. A lot of the time you can not notice them. If you would like pictures of the board before you purchase we can send it over as many pictures as you wish.

Bic Info about the board:
Looking for a board that will accelerate through cut-backs, off-the-lip and mid-face manoeuvres?
You’ll be stoked with the new heights that this performance driven, durable, shortboard will take you. Intermediate surfers agree it’s the perfect first shortboard, advanced surfers will find this a reliable board across a wide range of wave sizes and conditions. Smaller kids will love the 6’7” as it offers plenty of board to get them going as its standard shortboard dimensions have been slightly increased to cater to more of a beginner/intermediate market.

A short-board that turns on the spot, is comfortable off the top of the wave and really surfs your line. With a slightly pumped up volume it also caters easily for the beginner-intermediate market. Kids can learn on it, intermediates find that it’s the perfect first short-board, and advanced riders can use it as their reliable go-to board for all conditions, even when the conditions get bigger.

Width: 20" 3/4
Thickness: 2"3/8
Volume: 38L

Comes with fins, does not come with boardbag and leash, if you would like to have a leash and bag as well, send us a message.