Dakine Vario Footstraps



Dakine Vario Kite straps offer by a 3-row perforation at each end of the optimum set up and the soft padding cover prevents pressure points even after prolonged windsurfing or kiting. The wide design, the pressure is distributed even better. stable Dakine Surf Footstraps have the Twist Control System, which makes it possible to mount the strap torsion. Through the three-row perforation single or double insert assembly is possible.

Product Features

Easy access from both sides

Soft padding cover prevents pressure points

Extra-wide distributed pressure over the entire foot

3 rows of holes for adjusting the size

Incl. Twist Control System

Suitable for windsurfing, kiting or tow-in!

Set of 2 loops


60% foam

20% neoprene

20% polypropylene