Fanatic Fanatic AllWave 2019 9'0 - 9'0


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Great first time wave board with slick graphics, lots of volume and stable being 32" wide but nimble on the wave being only 8'9" in length. Comes with chip proof rails but we also offer a free rail taping which normally cost £50 to ensure you don't dink your new board. Fanatic have now combined there two constructions to get the best weight to durability ratio. We also have this board available to demo, so come on down and have a look for yourself at this brand new 2019 fanatic wave board.

Fanatic Blurb:
Wherever you decide to take it, the AllWave delivers easypeasy surfing action with surprisingly radical performance attributes. Available in four sizes – from the snappy 8’9” to the floaty 9’8” – we guarantee unbeatable fun in all types of waves. The AllWave ensures the easiest possible entry into the waves. The fast rocker line and stable stance offer straightforward wave catching characteristics and good speed, allowing you to focus 100 % on the wave. The four sizes increase in length – with minimal additional width – to guarantee a smooth flow all the way through the models for the heavier riders. Whether conditions are choppy, small and testing, or clean overhead walls, the AllWave is the perfect tool for enjoyment, ease and progression.

Length: 8'9"
Width: 32"
Volume: 145L

Length: 9'0"
Width: 32"
Volume: 159L

Biax Glass fibre is a strong and super light layup. Perfectly suited to all our ProWave LTD, Stubby LTD, Stubby Foil and AllWave LTD models, the Biax weaving is a light and impact resistant material. When combined with a single PVC Sandwich and Wood / Biax heel reinforcements, it guarantees the most efficient construction in terms of weight and performance.

If you would like another size call in store and we can help you out.