How to Wingsurf tutorials: Early steps

RYA points of sail:
In this video swap, the word boat for board and keel for fin/foil and the same principles apply. These are important for being able to get back to where you started. Once you are up on the foil, you can then hold the wing above your head or down by your hip. But to get up you need a good understanding of the point of wind.
All the videos below also touch on point of wind with some great tips but watching this video beforehand will give you an understand when they talk about tacking or gybing.
If you have windsurfing or sailing experience you can skip past this one.

Learn To Wing Foil - HANDLING
A video from WASP company but it applies to all brands of Wings
"In this video, we guide you through the steps on how to properly handle the WASP wing before heading out on the water for the first time."

SUPboarder: Going upwind with a wing surfer, without a foil / How to video:
"If you found this video useful you should check out the full 5:27sec SUPboarder pro video, where we go into going upwind in a lot more detail."

Learn To Wing Foil - RIDING
A video from WASP company but it applies to all brands of Wings
"Want to get proficient with the wing on water?

In this video we guide you through the steps to properly ride the WASP wing with tips to improve your upwind and downwind riding.

Professional foiler Gunnar Biniasch shares with us his expertise to make your learning to wing foil a smoother and more enjoyable experience. "

Just Wing It! Learning to Wing Foil:
"Learning to wing foil on Oahu. Everything you need to know to get started in this new sport. We go over history, wing handling, starting, turning, and safety. Sharing the stoke!"