How to Wingsurf tutorials: Early steps

RYA points of sail:
In this video swap, the word boat for board and keel for fin/foil and the same principles apply. These are important for being able to get back to where you started. Once you are up on the foil, you can then hold the wing above your head or down by your hip. But to get up you need a good understanding of the point of wind.
All the videos below also touch on point of wind with some great tips but watching this video beforehand will give you an understand when they talk about tacking or gybing.
If you have windsurfing or sailing experience you can skip past this one.

How-To Wing Surf with Robby Naish - Step 1 - Basics on the Beach
In this video I will walk you through the first steps on how to Wing Surf:
How-To pump up the Wing Surfer, what the various components of the Wing do, How-To get it into the water, How-To start, what Boards to use etc, . . .

How-To Wing Surf with Robby Naish - Step 2 - Getting on the water
In this video I will show how to carry your Wing Surfer and board to and from the water, how to get up and ride on a non-foil board as well as how to ride a foil board with your Wing Surfer etc, . . .

This next video is a fantastic step by step guide.
Learning to Wing Surf on Maui with Alan Cadiz Part 1
"Learn the basics of Wing Surfing with HST's Alan Cadiz in this narrated tutorial. We go over gear recommendations, entering the water with your rig, jibing (turning around), flying your wing, and staying upwind."

Learning to Wingsurf on Maui with Alan Cadiz Part II

how to wing? part one basic! By Balz Muller
"with rising summer temperatures I see growing attention for the cool new sport wingsurfing! what is an wing? and most obviously, how do you steer this strange flying object? I like to share with you a few but very important tricks how to learn winging easy and fun!"