Naish Hokua 9'6 GTW



length- 9'6"/289.6 cm
width- 29 3/4"/75.6 cm
thickness- 4 1/2"/11.4 cm
volume- 145 L

Ideal for intermediate to advanced wave riders, the Hokua GTW allows you to make the most of every wave. Our focus for these boards was to create predictable, easy-to-ride designs that deliver super-smooth carving. The Hokua series is for riders who are looking for versatile SUP surfing performance. Hokua’s perform in any kind of surf — from slow and mushy, to fast and powerful. These boards adapt to many different riding styles, whether they trim through the mid-section or aggressively ride from the tail. Delivered with a quad fin set, the GTW’s feature a 4+1 fin setup, giving riders the option to adapt the board to their riding style and conditions.