Naish Kevlar Wave Fixed: 85



The Kevlar Wave is for SUP surfers looking for a highly durable and lightweight paddle with the perfect flex for surfing. This paddle gets you into any wave with the added strength to withstand a little ground contact. Available in both fixed and vario options, the durable Kevlar Wave offers a slightly softer blade/shaft combo, making it the ultimate choice for serious wave riders. With UD Carbon & Kevlar featured throughout the shaft and blade, this paddle provides the flex needed for enhanced balance and quick transitions alongside heightened durability and impact resistance. Designed to stand up to the rigorous conditions encountered in big surf, the Kevlar Wave is the ultimate balance between strength, weight and performance.
Includes blade cover

Anti-slip Shaft & Handle Coating
SDS Shaft on All Sizes
Pre-preg Kevlar Carbon Construction
Shaft & Blade conditions
ABS Rail

Anti-slip Shaft & Handle Coating
Ultimate grip at all times, no need for wax or other grip enhancements

ABS Rail
Blade protection

SDS Shaft for all Blades
Increased stiffness and paddle power

Pre-preg Kevlar Carbon Construction Shaft & Blade
Durable & light, ideal for the toughest surf conditions

Fixed Paddle
Ultra light weight optimization

Blade Cover