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Who is it for?
The Micro Hover 131 is for foil windsurfers who are looking to step up their performance in foiling.

What’s it do?
These boards give a direct feel while foiling.

Why is it unique?
Measuring just over six and a half feet, the Micro Hover has unmatched control while foiling.

What’s new?
Brand new shape.

Aiming to decrease as much swing weight in a windsurf foilboard as possible, the all new Micro Hover is our shortest foilboard yet while still maintaining the necessary length and volume to get on a foil, tack and jibe.

The super wide and compact outline provides an extremely stable platform that gets on a foil instantly. Once up and foiling, the board brings riders one step closer to having the board eliminated entirely and flying with just the foil. The short length and streamlined profile also gives riders more direct control of the foil for unmatched maneuverability.

As with the other models in the Hover windsurf line, the Micro Hover has options for inward footstrap setups for a more oriented feel or outward for a locked in freerace approach with larger sails up to 7.8 m2.

-Compact Shape = Minimized swing weight
-Tail Channel = Optimized flying position
-Increased Tail Volume = Easier take off
-Dihedral Nose In Deck = Buffers against side wind
-Flat Rocker = Planes easily in light wind(2) 10” US Boxes with positioning guide = Quick and easy foil tuning
-Additional Foot Strap Insert Positions = Tuning for different rider abilities and styles
-Non Paint Finish = Increased scratch resistance and lower weight