Naish Nalu 11'0": Available today



Picture of the 10'10", still waiting on image release for the 11'0" GS, It will look similar

The Nalu 11’0” GTW features a versatile design for classic longboard surfing performance, touring and flatwater cruising. It has been fine-tuned with decreased volume in the nose and tail areas, resulting in an extremely responsive board with easy maneuverability. Versatile and easy-to-ride, the Nalu series features a classic longboard shape ideal for anything from flatwater cruising, fitness training to wave riding. A solid one-board solution, Nalus offer a recessed deck and full rails—increasing stability while maintaining performance.

Length: 11'0"
Width: 31"
Volume: 175L


Ledge Handle
Grooved & Embossed EVA Pad
Thruster Fin Setup
M8 Insert