NeilPryde Flight Alu Evo Foil



NeilPrydes foil, they have altered the wings to make it more stable making you feel more confident so you will be foil gybing in no time. Still one of the best priced foils on the market. We offer windsurf foiling demos at our shop, all you have to do is give us a call or an email then we can arrange the best time to suit you.

NeilPryde Information:
Flight AL is the 2nd generation of our Freerace aluminium foil. An exceptionally durable and really fast Aluminium Windfoil which offers a wide wind range and functionality, almost as fast as a race foil. Outstanding early foiling. Really forgiving on rail to rail adjustments. The Aluminum mast and perfectly blended fuselage offer the best structure for maximum strength and minimum drag. High pressure moulded prepreg carbon with inner foam wings were specifically developed for high performance hydrofoiling delivering maximum durability to weight ratio. Flight AL flies at the highest point easily.

New CNC reinforced base construction. Two deep vertical tube connections to the mast for maximum strength, eliminating movement and ensuring perfect load transfer. Avoids vibration around the upper attachment area. Initially mounted with a Deep Tuttle box base system.

x12 M8 titanium plated Stainless Steel bolts for maximum strength to weight ratio while preventing any corrosion problems. All using T-40 Torx drive, delivered with the product.

TAIL WING ADJUSTMENT Delivers inverted thrust to balance the main wing and maintain easy control and stability. Foil is perfectly trimmed for average weight sailor (75-80kg) with tail in neutral position.Heavier sailors, especially in light winds or during the learning process might prefer slightly more stabilizing force that a down tilted rear wing provides. Also, this down-angled position increases low-end power and lift of the foil.At the same time lighter sailors, especially in strong wind conditions, may benefit from a drag and lift reduction by reducing the downwards tilt angle of the rear wing. Less down-angle will reduce the differential angle between the two wings and make the foil feel less draggy in the water, resulting in the fastest possible foiling sensation.

85 cm Aluminium mast. Optimized structure with two CNC female base system inserts ensuring maximum strength. Hollow construction to reduce weight combined with x3 vertical cross-ribs for maximum stiffness. Sanded mast trailing edge to avoid planing turbulence noise. Tempered, salt water corrosion resistant 6061-T6 aluminium.

Perfectly blended wing to CNC machined fuselage connection and integrated wing saddle providing minimum drag. Volume and weight of the aluminium used in fuselage is reduced by eliminating the forward- protruding nose.

Flight AL pre-preg carbon layup with inner foam construction for maximum durability to weight ratio. Front wing span: 73cm / Tail wing span: 42cm.Front and Tail wings are designed with the same profile and slim contour. The Tail wing has up-turned tips that provide additional directional stability. So, we have been able to eliminate the vertical stabilizer used in our previous model.