Phix Doctor Dura resin Ding Repair


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Dura Rezin Phix Doctor Ding Repair

Tube SunPowered. Other products have limited shelf life, Dura Rez cures in full sun in less than 3 minutes for a professional finish that saves you time and money! Ultra Clear, SunPowered, Fiber Filled Dura Rez Works on Epoxy and Polyester, will not harm the foam core, and NEVER hardens in the tube. Non-yellowing SunPowered resin that sets up fast and nearly showroom perfect when the clear cover sheets are used to contour and magnify the suns effect on this premium resin.

Dura Rez
Safe for Epoxy and Polyester
Non-Yellowing Resin
Fiber Filled
Better Price than the Competition
Super Fast 3 Minute Cure
Endless Shelf Life Dura Rez sets a new standard in Surfboard Repair!

2.25 oz. Fiber Filled Ultra Clear Universal Resin Tube
2 Grits Sandpaper (total 3 pieces)
2 Smoothy sheets
2 Mixing Sticks
You can fix your Epoxy or Polyester surfboard in seconds and never worry about this resin getting hard in the tube.