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RRD RRD Evolution 6.8m

Only £299.00

Was £649.00


RRD Evolution 6.8m ,brand new sail freeride 6 batten blasting sail only £299!

Optimised for early planing, the Evolution gets the rider moving quickly, and with great control and ease of use the fun factor is huge. The Mk8 sees an additional sail in the line up. Offering more in the key 6.0-7.5 size range, we now feature 6.3, 6.8 and 7.3, giving more options to everyone. Learning from our Firewing development program we modified the lower leech tension, increasing the bottom end power and locking this power low down in the sail. We then added negative leech curve to the outline to improve the control and by doing so increase the overall range of the sail. For the rider who wants to get up and moving quickly and maximise their fun on the water.


4.4-5.7 – 5 battens
NEW SIZING 6.3-8.0 – 6 battens
NEW smaller lighter finger clew design with 3D moulding.
NEW lighter weight foot and leech design.
Customised printed X-ply
3D moulded tack fairing.
Head curve – Reduction in the top batten length to reduce swing weight at the top of the sail

Size: 6.8m
Luff: 465m
Boom: 204
Mast head: Fixed