RRD Kiatta 5'10


Was: £539.00


Originally named Chiatta, now we have added a bit of rad bite to it, hence the “K” replacing the soft “CH”. Today it develops in 2 new sizes, 5’6” & 5’10”, making more of a range for those who love to ride small but destroy. No mercy even when it’s bigger on the new K profile tail and rail x lines. Mamma mia! A completely re-designed line of surfboards PROUDLY built in the European Community. The new line incorporates all the newest and latest shapes available in the market and developed after accurate selection over the last 3 years. We have selected and developed only top level shapes that cover a complete variety of surf conditions and riding styles. All the boards are CNC shaped by master European shapers, glassed and sanded by a team of experts that know their job well and have been building surfboards for all their life.