RRD Wave Vogue Pro sail MK 7: Over 50% OFF - 5.0m


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Last couple of brand new Vogue wave sails at used money, 5.0m and 5.3m left
Vogue MK7 – Alex Mussolini’s sail of choice, with its light handling and maximum control. Whether taking on mast high waves in Hawaii or a stormy North sea, the 4 batten Vogue gives just enough power together with incredible balance, to handle everything with ease.

Thanks to changes in the outline and shaping of the larger sizes we were able to offer the same control and stability of the previous 5 batten model, but with the lighter and more responsive feel of the 4 batten design. At the request of the team we also increased the power slightly, therefore increasing its range of use and improving its global usage. This is the sail for those that prefer a light feel.

Finger tip balance and a steady power towards the front of the sail means that no matter how strong the wind gets the sail remains perfectly in control. The RRD Vogue HD MK7 is for those that like to forget about the sail and focus on their sailing.

Mast: 400cm
Luff: 412cm
Boom: 159cm

RRD 2016 - New Move Sails Collection from RRD International on Vimeo.