One of the most beautiful boards to arrive in the shop, available today, ideal for touring up and down rivers or covering coast lines with stability and ease.

RRD Information:
Key Features:
-A race DNA board combinging performance with a comfortable ride.
-Slight concave deck to enhance stability and comfort in long distances.
-Equipped with multiple leash plugs to carry backpacks on the deck.
-Unique wood construction technology.

A stable and fast Granturismo shape, fantastic to be ridden over flat water and through small chops. Thanks to a very efficient piercing nose shape and generous volume of this area the GT RETROWOOD quickly accelerates after each of your paddle strokes, making it a very efficient, fun and easy to ride board in a large variety of conditions and water surfaces. The special and unique technology of construction with a mix of custom painted bamboo and pine veneers as outside skin, make this boards a true collectors edition.

Length: 12'6"
Width: 28.5"
Volume: 245L