Starboard Touring 11'6"x30"x6"



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The Starboard 11'6 x 30" Touring has proven to be one of our favourite inflatable paddleboards. Fast, stable and throughly rewarding to paddle, the overall outline of this very rigid inflatable SUP covers distance with ease. Rich with features which enchance all aspects of touring, the Starboard 11'6" Touring has a neoprene paddle holder and carry strap on its tai, an integrated D-ring on the nose for towing, a centrally positioned carry handle, two bungee tie-downs at the front and rear of the deck pad for the storing and easy access of gear and supplies and a Starboard Star mount which is compatiable with RAM mount accessories.

Starboard have refined their inflatable Zen board construction for 2018; with more drop stitch fibres and twin compression stringers combining to produce a much stiffer board. While overall paddleboard weight has been lowered due to a reduction in the coating and glue used, creating the lightest Starboard inflatable ever. Flexible reinforcement plates have also been nested together in key standing areas completing this excellent construction method.

11’6″ x 30″ Touring The shorter length is easier and more manageable to maneuver.

The inflatable Touring board is the explorer’s favorite transportation.

Target rider: up to 120 kg explorers.
Key features: Scotty mounts (only on 14’0″),FCS and Star Mount and bungee tie-downs to pack your gear for the next adventure.