Tushingham Tushingham 60% Carbon 400 RDM - 400

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A 60% Carbon RDM built with the premium Pre-Preg system, a durable reduced diameter wave mast at a very attractive price. Finished in natural silk carbon. The narrower diameter of the lower part of the RD 60 mast has a significant effect on how it will match the sail’s luff curve. Tushingham have made a corresponding adjustment to the mast’s bend curve, in order to achieve a perfect fit with conventionally cut sails.
Tushingham is the only sailmaker with sophisticated, in house electronic mast testing equipment. Other sailmakers have to rely on data supplied by the mast producers, which cannot always be relied upon to be accurate.
The RD 60 is recommended for hard use in all wave, freestyle & high wind applications and in sizes 370; 400 and 430cm for use in:

Bend curves
Following extensive R&D, Tushingham have identified the bend curves that obviously work perfectly with Tushingham sails, but will also improve the performance of many other sails. In a recent Boards Magazine test, many sails from other brands performed better on a Tushingham than on their own recommended mast.
Construction and Quality
Batch testing, in house, ensures all Tushingham masts are built to their exacting specification and quality standard.