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Aztron Falcon Carbon X 5'0"

Our new FALCON carbon board models is grow to three dedicated shapes and sizes, taking the performance seriously. The brand-new 5.0 edition is for riders looking for the easiest foil board to improve in wing foiling paired with the best technology, performance and weight out there! The shorter length offers even more compact and direct foiling sensation. Built with Carbon Bamboo Sandwich construction, it is so light and forgiving for the riders.



  • Compact size shapes for intermediate level wingers 
  • Carbon Bamboo Sandwich construction with light EPS core
  • Medium volume nose for great stability
  • Low, lean rocker line with great glide for the take-off
  • Mellow to flat bottom for easy tracking and speed 
  • Full deck up with tail kick for trip, comfort and support behind your back foot during starts
  • Footstrap inserts for double front strap, and other foot positions
  • Bottom carry handle for easy access
  • US twin track system


LENGTH: 5'0" / 152 cm

WIDTH: 26" / 66 cm

THICKNESS: 4.3" / 10.9 cm

WEIGHT: 6.0 kg /13.2 Ibs


REC. PAYLOAD: <62 kg / 136 lbs

MAX. PAYLOAD: <74 kg/ 163 Ibs