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Surf Worx Banchee 6'6 Foamie

Length: 6'6"
Width: 22 7/16"
Thickness: 3 1/16"
Volume: 55L

The excellent Surfworx Banshee Hybrid soft surfboard is another awesome bit of kit. The board comes with fins and a leash and would make the perfect first surfboard for both kids or adults keen to advance their surfing skills.

The board is constructed with a high density closed cell foam core which means the boards are both strong and lightweight, and should you be unlucky enough to damage the outer skin the board won't soak up water, become waterlogged and un-surfable.
Twin resin coated, laminated wooden stringers run the length of the board helping it maintain its shape and perform like a good quality "hard" surfboard. The High Density deck skin is very durable and will keep the Banshee Hybrid performing going for years. The fin system is also compatible with FCS twin tab fins so you can upgrade or utilize your own fins should you wish.

The Banshee Hybrid would also make the perfect first surfboard for kids and would also work for a lightweight compe