Advanced (Wave)

Getting into waves and flying pass the shore break.

"In the first episode we help you in your first experience with waves, shore break, passing waves, wipe out on the waves, going after your equipment between the waves and coming in back to the beach."

The rules of the waves:
"In the second episode we talk about priority for wavering. Who has the right to go before. The right of waves between waves, in the shore break."

How to ride the waves:
"Waveriding tips, how to bottom and top turn, cut back windsurfing"

The front/ speed loop:
"Want to learn to forward loop ? Watch this great video by Sam Ross. I used all these videos for inspiration and instruction. Check out my channel for more videos on forward looping!"

The back loop:
"Colin Dixon coaches you through the backloop. With top tips from Marcilio Browne."

How to Push loop by the windsurfing coach:
"Colin Dixon talks you through how to push loop and tweaked push loop, with top tips from PWA superstar Marcilio Browne."

Another Push loop video by Adam Lewis:

How to do a wave 360 with the Black team wave academy:
"Adam Lewis explain how to land a frontside wave 360."

How to wave windsuf in cross onshore conditions:
"Colin Dixon and Marcilio Browne talk through how to wave ride in cross onshore conditions."

Board shape, setup, tune, fins, quad, single, concave, windsurfing:
"In the seventh episode we talk about shapes of the waveboards. What is the rocker? What types of bottom shapes exist? What is a double concave, single concave, vee or flat shapes? Fin setup of the board: quad, thruster, twin, single. Brawzinho and Colin discuss the advantages of different shapes and setups."


Table Top – PRO Top Tips – Send it Academy (Strong recommendation to subscribe to this youtube channel)
"This Week on the ‘Send It Academy’ it’s Top Tips from the Pro’s on the… ‘Table Top’
The Tabletop is a move that has died out over the years and I'm NOT sure why... as for me its a classic!
Some pros can't do them or have forgotten how to do them but they are a relatively easy move (until you go Ninja or one-handed) but you have to put the time in and work on the technique.. no points for a donkey kick!"

Push Loop – PRO Top Tips – Send it Academy
Out of the Big 5, the PUSH LOOP has to be the scariest one to try!
But it's a bit like a Backflip on the trampoline... it's hard to make yourself go for it BUT once you do it's actually pretty easy!
So here are the PRO's with their Top Tips... (How to.. coming soon)

Forward Loop - PRO Top Tips - Send it Academy
"The Forward loop is the one move everyone dreams about and the gateway to bigger and better things.
If you Nail this your confidence with go through the roof and every other jump seems achievable... BUT on the flip side, if you don't nail it or even try it... progression and motivation stop... it becomes a heavy heavyweight on your shoulders every time you go sailing and in the end, you take up kiting!!"