Aztron Falcon 5'10" Foil packages - Falcon 5'10: 2000 Foil: 4m Wing


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The board:

The new FALCON AIR X 5’10” is a more compact version of the wing foil specific board offering an easier entry into the world of foiling. This is an ideal board for riders who are just starting to venture into the world of foiling.

Length: 5'10"
Width: 29"
Thickness: 4.75"
Volume: 135L

The Wings:

Aztron V2 4m or 5m Wings


Includes bag and leash

Ultra-light reinforced wing fabric

Updated powerful profile and low-end grunt

Large window panel for maximum safety

Improved wingspan with lightweight material

Ergonomically shaped strut for better handling

Double-valve system

Compact gear bag and wing wrist leash is included

The foils:
The ROCKET Foils are designed to provide a smooth take-off and easy lift. If you're looking to get started or progress in wing-foiling, these will be your best companion to the foiling experience.

1450cm2: Ideal beginner foil for riders 75Kgs or less, gradual lift ensuring it gives the rider time to respond. One of the best value foils on the market.

1650cm2: The quickest foil in the Aztron range, more advanced than the 2000cm2 but riders less than 85Kgs can still learn on this foil. You will be able to progress a lot further on this foil compared to its bigger brother (2000cm2) It allows you to have sharper turns and a higher top speed. It is a very stable foil.

1800H cm2: If you are looking at catching small bumps and gliding for days then this is the foil for you. The higher aspect design allows long glides which can also make it more forgiving for riders on the wing when learning to turn as the foil stays up with a lot less effort. Higher aspect foils can be a little stickier to get going.

2000cm2: The easiest foil to learn on, a lightwind weapon. If you are looking at going out in the lightest winds or catching the smallest wave then this is perfect for you. This is the foil we use when teaching wing foiling and SUP foiling.