Aztron Falcon 6'6 2022 Available today



2022 line has handles top and bottom
Available today

Line Concept/
Falcon 6'6" composite foil board is a hybrid concept for 2021. With an epoxy sandwich construction with carbon inlay insert, this is a swiss knife board for all sorts of fun- SUP, WING or SURF foil. The perfect size and outlines gives a great balance for foiling performance and stability.

Hard Facts/
-Wood and epoxy sandwich construction
-Carbon inlay insert on the top deck to optimize stiffness and performance
- Compact board shape offers stability and efficiency
- Bevelled rail to get into wave or wind easily without losing volume
- Full deck of grippy EVA diamond grooved foam deckpad
- Doble angle inserts for footstraps
- Twin US tracks make for easy adjustment and fine tuning
- Center 8" nylon fin with us fin box for SUP paddling

Length: 6'6"
Width: 25.5"
Weight: 7.5Kgs
Volume: 115L