Aztron Nebula: Multiperson Board 12'10


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This year we have introduced Double Chambered iSUP's, being 30% Stiffer than your single chambered iSUP and at least 32" wide you will feel more stable and confident to paddle further than ever before. Double-Chambered technology also increases safety, so if you pop the outside layer of your Aztron iSUP then you will still have enough Buoyancy to paddle back home. The position of the valves means you can quickly pump them up in 5 minutes with the two way switch pump, which is provided as part of the Aztron package, as well as the leash, paddle, fin and bag all included. The finish quality is such a high standard you can place them side by side with the top brands and they fit right in, but for more than half the price!

Aztron Information:
Paddling is twice as much fun on this 12'10" NEBULA air SUP built for two riders plus a small companion in the front. The board is packed with full of features like any other Aztron board: Double Double Technology, 4+1 multiple carrying handles positioned around the edge of the board and nose to make carrying it to the water a breeze; double fin setup for better tracking and gliding performance It also comes with the front bungee cords so you and your companions can store the dry bags or cool box to make it a real adventure.

Aztron's unique Double Chamber structure and Double Layer Fusion material really play's a role when it comes to this giant 2+1 board that remains stiff and stable to paddle.

Ultra Light: 25% lighter than the traditional Double Layer Technology
Extra Stiff: 30% stiffer than regular single layer air boards
More Durable: The multiple-layer coating process makes Aztron boards tough and durable.
Less glue and more environmental friendly

The revolutionary second chamber acts like a surrounded and double side-wall I-beam structure, which increases the hull’s stiffness significantly. Covers nearly half of the total board, and places just behind the bungee cords then all the way down to the end of the foot pad. The added chamber is strategically placed in the standing area, which overcomes the "soft" and "unstable" disadvantages of an air SUP – therefore providing a very stable riding experience even in the choppy water or stronger wind.

Paddling is fun but paddling safe should be the priority one. The Aztron Double Chamber Technology gives riders of all level with peace of mind to handle any water environment. The added inner chamber offers at least 100 - 150 liters of safety buoyancy in case of air leaking, which ensure rides'safety effectively.

Built for two riders plus one small companion
Double Chamber construction for safety and extra stiffness
Double Layer Fusion technology on drop-stitch fabric reduces weight by 25% and increase the stiffness by 30%
Full deck printing with "galaxy chaos" graphic for superior visual impact
Two-section 5mm diamond grooving EVA footpad for ultimate grip and extra comfort
Premium quality 4+1 D-rings for front bungee system and a safety leash attached
Integrated front bungee system for easy gear access
Front grab handle for non-stress transport or towing purpose
Multiple rail grab handles provide safe and easy transporting
Double centre fin setup. Easy to slide in and out
Ready-to-Go Accessory Pack: including SUP gear backpack, Aztron double action pump, 2 x safety leashes and 2 x STYLE aluminium adjustable paddles

Length: 12'10"
Width: 34"
Thickness: 6"
Volume: 460L
Recommend Max Rider Weight: 185Kgs
Max Payload: 210Kgs
Board Weight: 16Kgs