Bic 7'3 - No Leash

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Brand new cosmetic second Mini Mal, this is a great all round board, in Bic's tough construction you won't need a bag and won't have to worry about taking a knock. The RRP is normally £259.
These boards are reduced because they are cosmetic seconds which means they have minor faults. These faults are usually with the graphics or have a slight left over glue residue on the boards which comes off or maybe a slight knock. A lot of the time you can not notice them. If you would like pictures of the board before you purchase we can send it over as many pictures as you wish.

Bic Info about the board:
No wonder this is the world’s single best selling surfboard!

The Mini-Malibu is the perfect all rounder. A fabulous entry-level board for new surfers, it features a refined combination of stability for ease of paddling and enough performance to make it a fun board for the more advanced surfer.
Versatile and a joy to ride, the Mini-Malibu surfboard will take you from your first ever surfing experience through to gliding down the unbroken wave face or ripping up the lip! Durable enough to survive learn-to-surf wipeouts that leave other boards on the beach, this low-cost board will bring you hours of fun on a great range of wave conditions.

The world’s single best-selling surfboard! A proven all-rounder : Stability for paddling and catching waves for beginners, great drive off the bottom turn that allows more advanced surfers to set-up easily for the rest of the wave, even in the critical section. A joy to ride and a performance potential that will give you long lasting memories of surfing great waves!


Width: 21" 1/4

Thickness: 2"1/2

Volume: 46L

Comes with fins, does not come with boardbag and leash, if you would like to have a leash and bag as well, send us a message.