Bic Wing 11'0,



Very slightly marked cosmetic 2nd, tiny superficial mark on deck.

Brand new board but a cosmetic second (looks like new), the board that our instructors use daily. A great board if you are looking to cover more ground with less effort, without going to the big prices. Available to demo outside the back of our shop. In a tough construction so it will take a lot more to do any damage. Suitable as for the ocean, rivers or lakes. With the pointer nose it will be a little bit more wobbly than the Bic Performer. If you want something similar but more suitable for the surf or more stable have a look at the Bic performer.
Check out SUP International Magazine review on the 11'0" Wing:

Bic Blurb:
The 11’ WING is a Touring SUP designed for fitness paddling, flatwater cruising, open ocean touring and recreational racing.
It’s geared towards small and medium sized riders looking for a board with excellent glide that is versatile and easy to ride. At 220 liters of volume, the “Little” Wing is ideal for beginners up to 175lbs, with plenty of floatation for larger intermediate riders. ACE-TEC construction offers a unique combination of durability AND lightweight performance at a great price. New ERGO-GRIP carry handle = Easier Transport + Less Fatigue!

In development for two years with the BIC Sport international team of riders, the WING series features a super-stable, feature-rich platform optimized for a smooth, clean and effortless paddling experience. They are designed as all-purpose boards for fitness paddling, recreational racing and simply cruising around enjoying walking on water. The WING series is the latest addition to the ACE-TEC family of ‘premium boards without the premium price’. ACE-TEC is an exclusive BIC Sport thermoformed construction technology, fine-tuned for performance Stand Up Paddling. This unique technology produces lightweight, high-performance boards with exceptional durability and exact shapes.