GA Manic 5.8m: Clearance 2019 - 5.8m


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The dual concept of our Manic range combines power and light feeling at its best, creating one of the most radical wave sails on the market with more power than ever before!


With the Manic any conditions will be tamed with ease by wave sailors, storm chasers and bump & jump enthusiasts anywhere, anytime!

The combination of a 5-batten design of the Manic 5.0 and bigger and a more radical 4-batten design of the smaller sizes guarantees to get the most out of each sail size, you choose for your personal quiver. With a more powerful profile, the bigger Manic sails will creates speed quickly to be able to catch waves in gusty, light winds and be able to perform big jumps even on the lightest days. The 4 battens of the Manic 4.7 and smaller create a radical feeling and allow immediate response in tight turns and explosive cutbacks.

All sails have been equipped with a new panel layout with a smaller window and the fresh parallel batten concept, creating a more compact outline and a lighter, smoother and more equilibrated feeling. The brand-new metallic 4 mil X-Ply and 1.75 mil 2-ply add higher UV resistance and a shining look to the range. Our Convertible Batten System allows you to use the Manic with a short batten above the boom, depending on your individual preference.

These features provide you with the most versatile Manic range, we ever developed, getting you in the water first and out of the water last!