JBAY_Rush CJ4 12'6 Available today



12'6 X 28" X 6" Dimensions
285 LTRS
Package Deal at £499

The Racing Board RUSH CJ4 has been designed and built by JBAY.ZONE specifically for the sport lovers, who wants an easy and fast board on the water, with the right balance between performance and stability. JBAY.ZONE Racing boards can also be used effectively as Touring boards for longer or shorter trips.

The SUP RUSH CJ4 JBAY.ZONE is made up of two superimposed layers of highly resistant laminated PVC, in order to obtain an inflatable board with a performance equal to a rigid SUP, with an excellent weight support.

For the internal structure, the Drop–Stitch technology has been used: it allows that the RUSH CJ4 J3 Stand up Paddle- thanks to thousands of fabric filaments welded to the ends of the laminated PVC- becomes rigid and resistant (once the recommended pressure of 18PSI has been reached). The Rail is also reinforced by an extra layer of laminated PVC for greater safety and resistance to impact.

The Racing SUP Board RUSH CJ4 has an EVA Foam cover on the central part of the Deck to provide extra support to the Paddler in different conditions of use. The valve used by JBAY.ZONE is High Pressure type with bayonet connection to connect the Bravo® Double Action Pump -included- in complete safety, optimizing the air insufflation operations and avoiding the risk of unexpected pressure leaks. Also for this model, D-rings are provided along the perimeter of the Deck, useful for connecting accessories such as the Safety Leash.