Naish Performance: 2 Part: 2021



The Performance paddles are for any paddler, in any condition. These paddles are perfect for on-the-go length adjustment in a light and durable package. Performance paddles keep much of the same tech of our most popular paddles and eliminate the ABS rail to offer a more affordable option. Adding more durability to the design all, sizes 85 and above feature a thicker, stronger SDS shaft. The right blend of value and functionality, the Performance, Performance Alana and Performance Jr. are the accessible choice for all-around use. For younger athletes, this is especially advantageous in preventing injury and promoting physical longevity. Available in both vario and 3-piece options, this paddle is easy to transport and adjust on the fly.

Anti-slip Shaft & Handle Coating
Ultimate grip at all times, no need for wax or other grip enhancements

Anti-twist Vario System
Easy adjustment on the go + allows for adaptation to different rider sizes & different riding scenarios

SDS Shaft for all Blades
Increased stiffness and paddle power

Carbon Reinforced Glass Matrix Construction
Durable affordability